Connecting Advanced Practice Clinicians With Physicians

Securely connecting advanced clinicians with physicians

CollabSTAT is an all-in-one platform designed to securely connect collaborators. In this growing field there are potential pitfalls facing both sides, and too many clinicians have stories of being burned by collaborators. Perhaps the advanced clinician practices out of their scope, or the physician does not follow through on their meeting or chart reviews. CollabSTAT is here to ensure both sides maintain their requirements as collaborators.

The marketplace made easy

With the CollabSTAT marketplace advanced practitioners can easily upload relevant data while looking for a physician collaborator. Once all data is uploaded it will appear on the marketplace where physicians will be able to search for potential collaborators based on specialty, geographic location, and more.

All in one service

With CollabSTAT you have the ability to host your meetings, upload/review charts, and keep track of everything you need to stay compliant with your collaboration.


“CollabSTAT has made the collaboration process as painless as possible. I feel safe knowing that COLLABSTAT keeps both sides honest with their requirements.”


—Luka D, MD, New York

“It was so easy to find a collaborator with CollabSTAT. I posted my listing and within days had multiple collaborators to choose from.”


—Sarah P, NP, Texas

“Finding a collaborator was extremely easy. The marketplace has all of the potential candidates listed and connecting was quick.”


—Tim H, MD, Washington

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